Dealership / Sales Staff Recruitment Program

New Hire Sales Training & Recruiting for New Sales Staff

New students and current sales staff login to the online classroom where they access the training course. The program utilizes cutting-edge technology to create a comprehensive training approach that is easy to use for the student and effectively teaches the art of the Vehicle Sales Process.


Why Partner With The Automotive Sales College?

  • Identify serious and well trained new people ready to start selling
  • Your dealership will have a new hiring process for untrained people
  • People that invest in themselves are serious about working for you
  • Reduce your new hires recruiting and sales training costs
  • Earn a commission for each registered student, if you want it
  • You will have your own admin access to the site as a Dealer Rep
  • Track and watch progress of each of your students you register
  • Continuing education,. each student has 1 full year to access the course

If you can use a computer, you can learn using our state-of-the-art Learning Management System. We use a balanced approach to learning with the use of lesson intro videos, text with word tracks, there is audio for all text material and quizzes to ensure you understand everything needed to get employment and become a top seller in the automotive industry.

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