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Students login to the online classroom where they access the training program. The program utilized cutting-edge technology to create a comprehensive training approach that is easy to use for the student and effectively teaches the art of Vehicle Sales.

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If you can use a computer, you can learn using our state-of-the-art Learning Management System. We use a balanced approach to learning with the use of lesson intro videos, text with word tracks, there is audio for all text material and quizzes to ensure you understand everything needed to get employment and become a top seller in the automotive industry.

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Meet the Author and Lead Instructor

Darin George, Head Instructor ASC

Darin George, Head Instructor ASC

Darin B. George is the President and Head Sales Training Instructor for the Automotive Sales College Inc. - ASC; established in 1996.


At the age of 24, unemployed but with solid business management and sales experience, Darin came across an advertisement looking for automotive sales people, went in for an interview and was offered a position on the spot. He was now in the automotive industry. Darin's goals were simple; become one of the top sales people in the dealership, get a management position and design a comprehensive sales training process. He quickly accomplished this and has held the positions of Sales Person, Sales Manager and General Sales Manager for Nissan, Chrysler, Ford, Infiniti and General Motors.

In late 1996, Mr. George opened the Automotive Sales College Inc. - ASC and has been recruiting and training new and experienced dealership staff ever since.

Consequently, Mr. George has become an internationally recognized sales trainer, motivator and corporate speaker and has reached, trained and employed thousands of people globally. Darin conducts his efficient and highly effective seminars, workshops, courses and recruiting programs for auto manufacturers, car dealerships, sales managers, retail sales companies, business owners and sales people.

He has repeatedly been published as a featured sales training columnist for the United States and Canadian Auto Industry. His sales training articles are regularly published in Ward's Dealer Business Magazine, Dealer Marketing Magazine, Automotive Digest, Auto Success, Canadian Auto News, Canadian AutoWorld, World of Special Finance Magazine and more.

There is Only one Thing Worse than a Well Trained Employee that Quits and that is an Untrained Employee that Stays.

This online auto sales course has been designed for every retail auto sales person that is looking for a straight forward and proven selling strategy. Over 20 years of hands on sales and sales training experience have been put into this book.

This course has also been designed for newly hired and people wanting to get into the car selling business. It will show you how to become one of the best in the car sales industry. It will also show you how to get employment at a new car dealership.

When you have completed this online course you will be able to sell any product with immediate results

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